Trump Tells EPA to Stand Down on RFS Weakening Proposal

The White House has directed the Environmental Protection Agency to stand down on efforts to weaken the Renewable Fuel Standard. Bloomberg reports the agency was told to abandon two changes that were under consideration: a possible reduction in biodiesel requirements and a proposal to allow exported renewable fuel to count toward domestic quotas. President Donald Trump spoke with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Wednesday, who said she thought the "administration was feeling the pressure" from biofuels advocates.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt Tuesday met with a group of senators, led by Iowa's Chuck Grassley, as the lawmakers claimed they "pushed Pruitt to abandon" the proposals. Iowa's junior Senator, Joni Ernst, said she would not commit to backing Trump's EPA air office nominee, the office that oversees the renewable fuel program. Administration officials say the handful of senators blocked the administration by "threatening to hold nominees hostage until they get their way."


Story source: NAFB News Service

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