Insurance implications for late-planted corn

The final planting date for corn from the USDA Risk Management Agency Topeka Regional Office in the majority of Kansas is May 25th. After the final planting date there is a late planting period that extends for 20 days after the final plant date.

Corn Survival in Ponded or Flooded Fields

Heavy rains of 2 to more than 6 inches have fallen over the last several days in portions of the western corn belt. UNL- Extension's Roger Elmore discusses survival of young corn plants in ponded or flooded fields.

Western Kansas hit by Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus

Volunteer wheat is a host for the wheat curl mite, the transmitter of Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus (WSMV), the disease that is crippling the western Kansas wheat crop.

Cargill expects the grain glut to last

Cargill expects international grain markets to remain oversupplied. The companys CEO told Reuters recently that the oversupply will remain for a long time due to bountiful harvests and an increase of crops in storage.

Good Progress made on spring planting

According to the latest crop progress and condition report from USDA-NASS, as of Sunday, 71% of corn has been planted, 32% soybeans and 32% sorghum. Winter wheat condition rated 51% good/excellent.

Tantanka wheat variety appears well suited for dryland farms in western Kansas

Through several years of testing, Tatanka performed well across Kansas, particularly in dryland fields in western Kansas. The new variety was developed by Hays-based Kansas State University wheat breeder Guorong Zhang.

Assessing the damage: 40 percent of Kansas wheat crop hit by spring snow

As usual, Mother Nature will take her time when it comes to revealing the extent of damage to the wheat crop from the spring blizzard that hit western Kansas at the end of April. The storm dumped as much as 21 inches of snow in some areas.

Wheat Quality Council Tour pegs Kansas winter wheat crop at 46.1 BPA

The 2017 Wheat Quality Council's Hard Winter Wheat Tour across Kansas wrapped up on May 4, as scouts traveled from Wichita to Manhattan. The three-day average over the fields that were calculated was 46.1 bushels an acre

Summary of diseases on corn, grain sorghum, and soybeans in Kansas in 2015

The 2015 growing season was one of contrasts. On the positive side, losses to diseases in soybeans were the lowest in at least 20 years. On the negative side, yield loss to disease in corn was higher than in any recent year.

U.S. Fall Harvest nearly half complete

This week's crop progress and condition report says as of as of Sunday, 42 % of corn has been harvested, soybeans at 62 % complete and sorghum at 51% wrapped up. Hard Red Winter wheat is 64 % seeded.

2015 Kansas Wheat Crop Hit By Just About Everything

As combines roll across Kansas, phrases like miracle wheat, pleasantly surprised and exceeded expectations pop up daily in harvest reports along with scattered stories of other fields struck down by hail, decimated by disease or starved by drought.

Wheat Tour faces low first day yield projections

Participants from all over the globe traveled to Kansas to participate in the HardRed Winter Wheat Quality Tour, sponsored by the Wheat Quality Council. Scouts traveled the state and experienced conditions ranging from ankle deep mud to bone dry fields.

USGC Report Offers Details to Overseas Customers About Quality of Corn Headed for Export

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has released the 2014/2015 Corn Export Cargo Quality Report, the fourth in a series measuring U.S. corn quality by looking at grade factors, moisture, chemical composition and physical composition in corn samples ready to be

UNL Study Characterizes Genetic Resistance to Wheat Disease

A new study co-authored by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers has unearthed the genetic roots of resistance to a wheat disease that has recently devastated crop yields from southern Africa through the Middle East.

AgWizard Simplifies Farm Financial Decisions

AgriFinance Advisors, Inc. announces the launch of AgWizard – an Online Financial Advisor for farmers.

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