White House Staffer Called Canada to Sway Trump on NAFTA

A White House staffer reportedly called an official in Canada last month to ask the nation to persuade President Donald Trump to not terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement. Multiple media outlets say the call came when Trump was preparing an executive order to end the free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

White House staff apparently asked for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (True-doh) to call President Trump to persuade him not to terminate NAFTA. The call is one of many steps thought to change Trump's decision on NAFTA to renegotiate the deal, rather than terminate the agreement. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue also met with the President at the time and presented a map showing the economic harm terminating the deal may have on U.S. agriculture. Perdue, meanwhile, said over the weekend that NAFTA could be renegotiated within the next six months.

Story source: NAFB News Service

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