House Passes 2018 Budget Resolution

The House passed its 2018 budget resolution Thursday morning paving the way for tax reform and for a new farm bill to be written. Although the resolution includes $10 billion in cuts to agriculture, the Senate version of the resolution, released last Friday, has no instructions for cuts to agriculture.

Once the Senate passes their budget resolution, the two will have to agree on a final budget resolution. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R-TX) told Agri-Pulse news this week he expects the final House-Senate deal will omit any required cuts to agriculture spending and focus on tax reform.

If that does happen, the House and Senate agriculture committees will be able to write the 2018 Farm Bill within spending amounts projected under current law. It will not allow for additional spending, but it will not require any cuts to be made either.


Story source: Sorghum Notes

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