Livestock Haulers Get Waiver From ELD's Regulation

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has granted drivers who haul livestock a 90-day waiver from a regulation that could have negative effects on animal well-being, a move hailed by the National Pork Producers Council.

Beef Checkoff Relaunches Iconic Brand

Americas beef farmers and ranchers are leveraging the strong equity of Beef. Its Whats For Dinner. to reintroduce the brand to a new generation of consumers.

Researcher Studies African Swine Fever at Kansas State University

African swine fever is a virus that affects pigs in parts of Africa. The virus is mostly seen in Africa and has not been in the United States. Because it has not reached the U.S., we refer to is a a foreign animal disease.

State Beef Council Staffs Come Together to Gain Checkoff Program Knowledge, Share Ideas

Representatives of 28 state beef councils gathered near Denver Oct. 16-18 to learn more about national 2018 Beef Checkoff Program efforts and share their thoughts on how those programs could be expanded or extended through their states.

Former State Rep Schwartz receives Don L. Good Impact Award

Laughter and music filled the night air as Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry alumni and supporters gathered on Friday, Oct. 13, at the Stanley Stout Center in Manhattan for the third annual ASI Family and Friends Reunion.

Marshall authors S.A.L.E. Act to protect livestock producers and sale barns

Congressman Roger Marshall has introduced the bipartisan Securing All Livestock Equitably (S.A.L.E.) Act, which will offer protections to sale barns and livestock producers from the recurring trend of defaults of livestock dealers

USDA decides not to move forward with proposed rules from GIPSA

The Trump administration has announced it will withdraw regulations related to the buying and selling of livestock, a move strongly commended by the National Pork Producers Council, which opposed the Obama-era rules.

Heifer Considerations in today's market

UNL Extension Educator Aaron Burger discusses considerations when contemplating whether to replace or sell your heifers. He also previews the "State of Beef" Conference.

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