Beef Checkoff Hosts Nutrition Adventure 2017

The Nebraska Beef Council, in partnership with the Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri beef councils, hosted a select group of 27 registered dietitians from 10 states in Kansas City, for Nutrition Adventure 2017. The checkoff-funded event, held the last week of May, emphasized beefs nutritional profile and culinary versatility through practical applications and immersion experiences. The attendees were selected given their high level of involvement on social media and blog platforms.

Attendees at the checkoff-funded event learned about beef nutrition, including lean cuts of beef, optimal protein levels in the diet and emerging human nutrition research. Registered dietitian Holley Grainger provided the group with practical solutions to help families prepare for mealtime through interactive demonstrations. Afterward, the dietitians were tasked with utilizing unique and trendy ingredients to maximize taste, flavor, and eating experience during a hands-on beef cooking competition.

The group also took part in a hands-on session covering food photography, live videos and promotion to showcase recipes on their blogs. For Cheryl Mussatto, dietitian and columnist at Eat Well to Be Well, the program emphasized beefs nutritional value. "We don't need to be scared of beef. There are nearly 40 cuts of lean beef and its leaner than it used to be. Beef is such a high-quality food with so many nutrients, consumers don't need to be afraid of beef. They can buy it for their family and serve it at home."

A highlight of the event was a tour of Tailgate Ranch near Tonganoxie, Kansas. There, the group visited with area beef producers and participated in a panel discussion with Kirk Sours, a cow-calf producer and manager of Tailgate Ranch; Dan Thomson, a veterinarian from the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine; Jack Klosterman, a feedyard operator with Grass Valley Feeders in David City, Nebraska; and Angie Siemens, vice president of food safety, quality and regulatory with Cargill Meat Solutions in Wichita. A variety of topics were addressed including factually defining conventional, organic, natural and grass-finished beef and the use of growth hormones in cattle.

For the attendees, the panel discussion provided insight to the beef production cycle. We have a disconnect with our food. "We sat next to farmers and saw first-hand what was going on," said Jana Mowrer, dietitian from Fresno, California. " It's completely opposite of whats in the media and documentaries. She added that the experience would help her when interacting with clients. Dietitians are the ones working with people to help make their diets and create meal plans. We have to be able to provide correct information to consumers."

Photo & Story source: Nebraska Beef Council

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