Beef Checkoff Relaunches Iconic Brand

Americas beef farmers and ranchers are leveraging the strong equity of Beef. Its Whats For Dinner. to reintroduce the brand to a new generation of consumers. Capitalizing on one of the nations most iconic taglines, the marketing effort will not only showcase the pleasure that beef brings to meals, but also the people who raise it.

"Consumers love the taste of beef, but they also want to know how their beef is raised," said Ann Marie Bosshamer, executive director of the Nebraska Beef Council. "They want to know there is a face behind the product that they can trust. This new campaign will provide updated resources that will put all of that information at the consumers fingertips."

The brand relaunch includes a new digital platform at providing an interactive experience on all things beef, from cuts and cookery, to a robust collection of beef recipes and an inside look at the lives of the people who raise beef. Were setting out to answer the biggest questions that consumers have about beef and to show the hard work and innovation that goes into modern beef production, said Bosshamer.

A new series of videos and content will feature only real farmers and ranchers from across the country allowing consumers to learn about each step of the beef production process, from the farms and ranches, to feedlots, processing and retail. The video series will also feature new technology used by farmers and ranchers to raise beef.

Nick Hanson of Hanson Farms near Elsie, NE has incorporated a drone into his familys operation and thinks consumers will appreciate the industrys use of cutting edge innovations.

"We use our drone to check windmills on the ranch which saves us time and reduces the amount of driving across the pastures," said Hanson. "We can be more efficient, reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the grasslands. Sharing how we use technology with consumers will go a long way in earning their trust."

While drones are still relatively new in agriculture, Hanson sees even more potential for that technology on their farm. "I think in the very near future, well even be able to use thermal imaging with our drone to help us indicate sick cattle. The possibilities are endless."

A complete collection of the campaign content can be found at

Photo & Story source: Nebraska Beef Council

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