Harvest safety

To say farmers are busy during this time would be an understatement. Try to call one after 7 a.m. or before 10 p.m. and youll be wasting your time theyre not home. Theyre in the field or shop preparing for harvest.

U.S. Should Create a Fair Trade Framework That Puts Family Farmers, Ranchers, & Rural Communities First

As the Trump Administration navigates a renegotiation of NAFTA, National Farmers Union (NFU) is urging the administration to establish a new, fair trade framework for international trade deals that benefits family farmers, ranchers, and rural residents.

Fire up the grill!

Summer means warmer temperatures and longer days, which in turn means barbeques fire up across Kansas. At the home of John Schlageck, the choice for outdoor cooking will be beef and pork.

Heroes of the Dinner Table

Nebraska feeds the world. Our farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers generate products that are used and consumed nearly everywhere from restaurants in Los Angeles and New York City to dinner tables in South America, Europe, and Asia.

Excise Tax on Land Represents a targeted assault on Kansas Ag

The Kansas Livestock Association (KLA) is urging farmers and ranchers to contact their state senators and express opposition to SB 302. If the bill is approved by the Kansas Legislature, it would impose a $3 per acre excise tax on all land in Kansas

The Free Trade Lemmings in Washington Are Perilously Close to the Cliff

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson argues that the free traders are so convinced that we should sign every agreement possible because more trade in and of itself is necessarily better, He says no President should have "fast track."

KFB Member Asks House Subcommittee to Pass Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act

Kansas Farm Bureau member Stacey Forshee on Wednesday called on Congress to help consumers understand the difference between real food safety concerns and marketing ploys by passing H.R. 4432, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act

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