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Meet the passionate people behind Ag View. We're committed to delivering accurate short form programming to traditional radio stations, to enhance an ever expanding mobile and social media driven society, and to be on the leading edge of delivering the information to people in every available form.


Ken Rahjes is the editor of Having spent most of his career around agriculture and nearly two decades as a farm broadcaster, he has a thorough understanding of the daily lives of farmers and ranchers. Ken is well respected among ag leaders as someone who is fair and works to tell the true story. On February 1st, 2013 launched with the goal of delivering agriculture and rural life information to a generation who are digital natives. Nebraska's economy is still driven by agriculture and people are still very interested in where their food comes from and how markets, weather and policy decisions affect their lives.


Ryan Martin serves as market analyst at He is an experienced ag broadcaster and the chief meteorologist and a branch manager (commodity trading) for Allendale.

MarkMark Vail is a Kansas Hall of Fame broadcaster with nearly 40-years of experiences ranging from station owner, group manager, and executive director of the NAFB.

EdEd Bennett has 35 years of broadcast experience, mostly in ag radio management, and is a pioneer of small-market interactive media sales.


Julie Karavas is a public speaker and licensed attorney in Nebraska and Colorado and is a contributing editor on legal issues affecting Rural America.


Bryan Thompson is a radio family prodigy who began as a computer programmer at age 15. His software company is a joint venture partner of

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