AgWizard Simplifies Farm Financial Decisions

AgWizard Simplifies Farm Financial Decisions

The #1 frustration farmers experience in managing their business is the complexity in knowing when to market their grain. With today’s extremely volatile commodity prices and razor thin margins, farming without a marketing plan in place becomes even more challenging. Now, a farmer who logs in at www.AgWizard.comcan gain insight and get answers to important questions that specifically affect the farm’s bottom-line, such as:

What is my breakeven price?

What price do I need in order to achieve my profit objective?

Which farms are the most profitable?

What is my return on investment for each farm?

How much cash rent can I afford to pay on each farm?

How does changing my crop insurance from enterprise to optional units affect my claim?

AgriFinance Advisors, Inc. is a technology-based financial planning firm helping farmers and farmland investors make more informed decisions. Additionally, the company licenses the AgWizard platform to ag lenders, accountants, crop insurance agents; or any agribusiness that wants to differentiate their business and deliver added value. AgWizard will enable farm customers/prospects to manage their finances with greater predictability and accuracy.

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