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The Humane Society of the United States Forms National Agriculture Advisory Council

On Friday, The Human Society of the United States will be holding a press conference on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol to announce the formation of the HSUS National Agriculture Advisory Council

Study: Less than 10% of Farmers Would Feel Effects of Cap on Premium Subsidies

Less than 10 percent of farms that plant major cash crops in some of the largest farm states would feel the impact of proposals to cap taxpayer-financed crop insurance premium subsidies at $50,000 a year, a new policy study finds.

Can I gift the farm to the kids and avoid tax?

As the generations change on who owns assets, the questions is asked if the farm can be gifted to the kids to avoid taxes? Attorney Julie Karavas has tome tips to keep in mind regarding the gift tax.

Cullman named President/CEO of Farm Foundation, NFP

Farm Foundation has named Constance Cullman to be President and CEO of Farm Foundation, NFP and President of Farm Foundation.She will assume her new duties on June 6th.

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Open Prairie Rural Opportunities Fund

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the launch of a new private investment fund with the potential to inject $100 million into small food and agriculture businesses across rural America. The Open Prairie Rural Opportunities Fund.

Hard Winter Wheat Tour 2016 Day 1 Report

The Wheat Quality Council's wheat tour is held every year to get an idea of the yields and production of the crop. Crop scouts take measurements in fields across their routes, using a formula developed by USDA/NASS to estimate the yield for each field

Another quick spring planting season... or is it?

Latest crop progress and condition report shows 45 % of nation's corn planted as of Sunday, a plus 15 point move from last week. 13 % of U.S. corn is emerged. Hard Red Winter Wheat 59% good/excellent nationally.

How Early Can Alfalfa be Cut?

First cutting often is the most important cutting of the year. It usually produces the most yield and its forage quality changes fastest from day to day. Alfalfa started growing like gangbusters this spring, is almost knee high in some places, and could

Rural Mainstreet Economy Remains Weak for April

Almost one-third of bankers surveyed support an April Federal Reserve short term interest rate hike. Cash farmland rents are down by 7 percent over the past year.

Here comes all that corn

This weeks crop progress report from USDA shows 30 % of the corn planted as of Sunday. The five-year average is 16 %. Soybean planting is 3 percent complete. 59 % of winter wheat is in good/excellent condition. Poll

With so many private services offering information and insight on crop size and condition are USDA reports still needed?

  • It is still the baseline everyone uses, so don't mess with it
  • No
  • They have limited relevancy to my marketing plan
  • Yes


Contract Month Change Open High Low Last Updated
Corn (P) May 2016 -5-0 0-0 373-2 373-2 373-2s 05/04/16
Corn (P) Jul 2016 -3-0 0-0 376-6 376-6 376-6s 05/04/16
Soybeans (P) May 2016 +3-0 0-0 1024-4 1024-4 1024-4s 05/04/16
Soybeans (P) Jul 2016 +4-0 0-0 1034-0 1034-0 1034-0s 05/04/16
Wheat (P) May 2016 +0-6 0-0 460-4 460-4 460-4s 05/04/16
Wheat (P) Jul 2016 +0-4 0-0 471-2 471-2 471-2s 05/04/16
Live Cattle Jun 2016 +1.075 115.550 117.700 115.050 117.450s 05/04/16
Feeder Cattle Aug 2016 +0.575 142.050 144.175 141.550 143.625s 05/04/16
Lean Hogs May 2016 -1.100 78.475 78.475 77.325 77.375s 05/04/16

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