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Contract Month Change Open High Low Last Updated
Corn (P) May 2015 -6-2 368-6 368-6 364-0 364-4s 04/24/15
Corn (P) Jul 2015 -7-0 374-6 374-6 368-4 369-6s 04/24/15
Soybeans (P) May 2015 -8-4 969-0 978-6 967-4 969-6s 04/24/15
Soybeans (P) Jul 2015 -9-2 976-4 976-4 968-0 970-6s 04/24/15
Wheat (P) May 2015 -11-6 488-6 488-6 485-4 486-0s 04/24/15
Wheat (P) Jul 2015 -12-6 491-6 491-6 488-4 488-4s 04/24/15
Live Cattle Apr 2015 +1.875 159.725 161.400 158.550 161.175s 04/24/15
Feeder Cattle May 2015 +2.825 211.550 214.725 210.625 214.075s 04/24/15
Lean Hogs May 2015 +0.025 72.000 72.325 71.600 71.950s 04/24/15


Beef Journal

Beef Cattle Gains Increased in DDGS Study

A recent Kansas State University study found that providing growing cattle with dried distillers grains (DDGS) plus salt on a self-feeding basis while the animals grazed native pastures helped boost average daily weight gain.

Research Shows Late-Season Burning Helps Control Sericea in a Big Way

Sericea lespedeza, is a noxious weed that plagues many landowners in Kansas and other U.S. states. Costly herbicide applications have not effectively stopped the plant in many cases.

Analyzing Summer Grazing Strategies

Traditionally, stocker cattle are placed on Flint Hills pastures in the spring and removed in early fall to finish in the feedlot. Prior research has shown that stockers tend to have greater gainsto the tune of 30 pounds or moreon pasture burned in the


Global Soybean Stakeholders Monetize Biotech-Approval Delays

A new white paper shows that a three-year postponement in global approval of biotech-enhanced soybean traits any time in the next 10 years would cost farmers and consumers a total of nearly $19 billion, compared with typical approval timelines

Kansas farmer testifies in Senate Ag Committee on Cuban trade

Kansas farmer and Kansas Wheat Commissioner, Doug Keesling from Chase, was called upon by the United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, to testify on the opportunities and challenges for trade with Cuba.

USGC Report Offers Details to Overseas Customers About Quality of Corn Headed for Export

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has released the 2014/2015 Corn Export Cargo Quality Report, the fourth in a series measuring U.S. corn quality by looking at grade factors, moisture, chemical composition and physical composition in corn samples ready to be


Monsanto's Fraley Discusses Agricultural Innovations, Challenges

Monsanto Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Robert Fraley delivered the final Heuermann Lecture of the 2014-2015 season. The lecture was titled "2050: Agriculture's Role in Mitigating Global Challenges."

Secretary Vilsack Announces Partnerships with Farmers and Ranchers to Address Climate Change

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced USDAs comprehensive plan to tackle these challenges by working with partners and producers on a voluntary basis to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon sequestration in agriculture & forestry.

NCTA students do well at NACTA Judging in Illinois

19 student from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis recently competed in teh 2015 Judging Conference of the North American College and Teachers of Agriculture in Illinois.


Tammy Beckham named College of Veterinary Medicine dean at Kansas State University

Following a national search, Kansas State University has named Tammy Beckham as its next dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, effective Aug. 2nd. Dr. Beckham becomes the 12th dean, succeeding Ralph Richardson.

Former Kansas State Legislator Sentenced for Bank Fraud

A former Kansas state legislator was sentenced Monday to 18 months in federal prison for defrauding Farmers and Merchants Bank of Colby, Kan., of more than $460,000. Trent K. LeDoux, 40, Holton, Kan., pleaded guilty to one count of bank fraud.

Bill Rishel Named Block and Bridle Honoree

Bill Rishel of North Platte will be recognized as the newest University of Nebraska-Lincoln Block and Bridle honoree. The Block and Bridle award recognizes those who have contributed to Nebraska agriculture through in many ways.


Agriculture groups acknowledge and salute 45th Earth Day

On the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, agriculture organizations are commenting on conservation efforts, natural resource usage and the role farmers play in renewable fuels.

Stockmans instincts rooted in the heart

Kansas Farm Bureau's John Schlageck shares a recent visit on a dairy farm, where after some 50 years of taking care of livestock the concern of the welfare of the animals is of up most importance in every situation.

When did it become appropriate to tax death?

The House voted in favor of full repeal of the Death Tax, a tax that is threatening the livelihoods of farmers and ranchers everywhere. When did it become appropriate to tax death? said National Cattlemen's Beef Association President Philip Ellis

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