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Day 13, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

The amber waves finished growing and bushels statewide are flowing as harvest rolls through the subtle Kansas hills. Temperatures show no sign of relenting and rain has little chance of preventing yield monitors from giving farmers chills.

Day 12, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

The heat is rising and the combines are rolling across Kansas. Harvest is starting to climb up the western region of the state. Praise continues to mount for the yields, test weights and condition of the wheat.

Day 11, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

Combines have continued to roll across Kansas and the heat continues to rise. Kansas Wheat has heard reports of farmers starting to wrap up in the southern parts of Kansas while harvest has yet to appear in the state's northern region.

This vacation, remember agriculture

All across our country Americans are checking their automobiles, making sure their GPS works, studying road maps, printing off directions from MapQuest and adding another item to their to do lists in preparation for long-awaited summer vacations.

Faces of Harvest: Melissa Clark

Melissa Clark, from Galva, Kansas is a one-of-a-kind wheat farmer in a love-hate relationship. Her heart loves wheat, but her body hates gluten.

Andy White wins 2016 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship

Andy White, Ashland, Ohio, proved his world-class talent as a livestock auctioneer at the 53rd anniversary of Livestock Marketing Associations World Livestock Auctioneer Championship, Paris Stockyards in Paris, Kentucky.

Day 10, Kansas Wheat Harvest Report

John Falk, manager of the Great Bend Coop Association in Pawnee Rock, reported that his area had enjoyed some 70-80 bushels per acre fields before this weekends rains. He said that the area his coop covers has some diverse soils and received varied amoun

Crops in very good condition heading into summer

In the latest weekly crop progress and condition report out from USDA shows overall conditions maintaining high ratings, although many key states are starting to have concerns for lack of rain.

Rishel Presented BIF Pioneer Award.

The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) presented Bill Rishel, North Platte, Nebraska, a BIF Pioneer Award June 16 during the group's annual meeting and symposium in Manhattan, Kansas.

Green Presented BIF Pioneer Award

The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) presented Ronnie Green, Lincoln, Nebraska, a BIF Pioneer Award June 16 during the group's annual meeting and symposium in Manhattan, Kansas. Poll

How often do you communicate with your landlord or tenant regarding activities on the farm?

  • When something is going on (i.e. planting or harvest)
  • When agreement is up for renewal
  • Quarterly
  • End of the year


Contract Month Change Open High Low Last Updated
Corn (P) Jul 2016 -2-6 0-0 384-4 384-4 384-4s 06/24/16
Corn (P) Sep 2016 -3-4 0-0 389-0 389-0 389-0s 06/24/16
Soybeans (P) Jul 2016 -21-4 0-0 1103-0 1103-0 1103-0s 06/24/16
Soybeans (P) Aug 2016 -22-0 0-0 1101-4 1101-4 1101-4s 06/24/16
Wheat (P) Jul 2016 +0-4 0-0 454-6 454-6 454-6s 06/24/16
Wheat (P) Sep 2016 -0-6 0-0 465-0 465-0 465-0s 06/24/16
Live Cattle Jun 2016 -2.050 115.200 116.450 114.100 114.700s 06/24/16
Feeder Cattle Sep 2016 -2.550 138.400 139.750 136.675 138.275s 06/24/16
Lean Hogs Jul 2016 -0.225 83.975 84.475 83.675 84.050s 06/24/16

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